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For several years writer and broadcaster Clementine Ford made her name as one of Australia's most provocative feminists, making public appearances and writing columns that were branded as angry and "man-hating". But following a challenging beginning to motherhood and a relationship break-up, she began to tire of the endless controversy and hostility.

Her latest book, "How We Love: Notes on a Life", explores romantic, platonic and familial love, in all its joy and heartache, strength and vulnerability. Don't miss this All About Women festival favourite as she reveals how surrender to love can be the greatest act of faith and bravery. This secular sermon about human connection is an invitation to come together and open ourselves up to everything love has to give.

Saturday 2 March 2024 8.30pm

Malthouse Outdoor Stage, Melbourne VIC


Saturday 2 March 2024, Malthouse Outdoor Stage, Melbourne, VIC

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